Hard Surface Flooring CareĀ Program
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The program is ideal for new technicians that are not yet ready to attend a full certification training class yet need some basic knowledge about floor care, yet is a great refresher and review for IICRC Certified Technicians. Enough technical detail is in the program for even the most experienced certified technician to review and gain new information or be reminded of things he or she may have forgotten.

Completion of this training program qualifies the technician to apply for IICRC Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

How to use the Hard Surface Flooring CareĀ Program

After this brief introduction, continue on to the Main Menu below.

After you have completed all 17 Training Sections and are ready to take the OPEN-BOOK test for your IICRC CECs, you can click on the “QUIZ” link at the bottom of the Main Menu. You will need your Hard Surface Flooring Care Program Serial Number (you received that in your confirmation e-mail) and your IICRC Certification Number (on your IICRC ID Card). Again, this is an open-book test…..feel free to use the manual and web pages if you need to!

When you complete your test, our offices receive a copy of the test. After verification, it is forwarded to IICRC Headquarters. It takes approximately 24-48 business hours for your CECs to be applied.

Let’s Get Started!

Online Manual

The Hard Surface Flooring Care Program Manual

Training Sections

Section 1: Welcome to the Hard Surface Flooring Care Program

Section 2: Technical Information

Section 3: Review of Basic Floor Care Principles and Procedures

Section 4: Stone Restoration

Section 5: Wood Floor Restoration

Section 6: Floors and Their Characteristics

Section 7: Natural Stone Identification

Section 8: Introduction to Geology

Section 9: Man Made Tile

Section 10: Wood Species

Section 11: Wood Floor Maintenance

Section 12: The Chemistry of Cleaning

Section 13: Safety Issues

Section 14: Pads and Brushes

Section 15: Review of Floor Care Procedures

Section 16: Sealers and Coatings

Section 17: Grout

Click here to take the quiz for your IICRC CECs!