RemoteSmarts© is recognized by multiple organizations for Continuing Education Credits allowing you one location for your program with convenience for you and your customers!

Our programs are all online. No more shipping disks and/or books. The program is available as soon as payment is confirmed. This allows an individual to complete the program without the expense of travel, hotel, lost hours at work, and at their convenience.

COST – It’s simple, we get 40% of each sale of your program. In exchange, we provide the following:

    Program Setup

  • We will convert the program to a web based program, if necessary
  • Initial purchase acknowledgement when the customer buys your program
  • Exam/Quiz/Completion page(s) to confirm they completed your program
  • Site Function
  • Easy Navigation to and through each program
  • Forms as needed
  • Secure Credit Card Payment
    Program Services Offered

  • We maintain the Website (space/storage/function)
  • We make sure all links work properly
  • We make sure the payment function is working
  • We do the bookkeeping
  • We send monthly reporting of sales (15th of the month)
  • We provide monthly payment for all sales received from the 15th of the previous month through the 14th of the current month (payment sent on the 15th)
  • We advertise
  • We notify qualifying organizations of completed CEC programs
  • We go through the process of approval with organizations you wish to have acknowledge your program
  • We issue documentation of completion of each program